Outsourcing of legal services for business. How to save 100 million a year for the work of lawyers.

The market for outsourcing legal services in English-speaking countries has grown by almost a quarter over the past few years, its total volume exceeded $ 10 billion, according to a case study with the participation of law firms and corporations from the US, UK and Canada, published by the media company Thomson Reuters.
The use of outsourcing has become the de facto standard of doing business for corporations with their own lawyers and law firms, according to the report. Representatives of 87% of law firms and 74% of corporate legal services responded that they regularly turn to alternative legal service providers (ALSPs). According to the results of the first survey in 2015, these figures were significantly lower - 56% and 60%, respectively.
The research names the most demanded outsourcing services from ALSP. This is support of litigation, study of law enforcement practice, assessment of regulatory risks and regulatory oversight (compliance). High-tech document review (checking documents for relevance) and e-discovery (searching and analyzing electronic documents) are also super popular.
ALSP usually differs from traditional law firms by lower prices. Due to the attractive pricing policy, it is the clients who first of all force their lawyers to use ALSP, the study notes. More than a third of large law firms (39%), as well as a quarter of corporate legal services (23%) and small firms (24%) stated such requirements. Moreover, the latter in 2015 did not encounter such client requests.
Another major growth driver for legal outsourcing is the Big Four, which is actively exploring the markets of legal services in different countries, except the United States, where it is prohibited by law (with the exception of e-discovery and similar “related” services). According to the report, 23% of large and 21% of mid-sized law firms said they lost orders and clients in the past year due to Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC. The Big Four's total legal outsourcing market share is now estimated at $ 1.2 billion.

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