Putin signed a law on educational activities

The document introduces the concept of "educational activities" and secures the right of state authorities to control it. The project drew criticism from scientists

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law regulating educational activities. The document was published on April 5 on the official portal of legal information.

These are changes to the law "On Education in the Russian Federation". The document introduces a definition of the concept of "educational activities", the government is empowered to determine the order and form of educational activities. The Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Education will have to issue conclusions on the advisability of cooperation between educational institutions and international organizations.

In an explanatory note to the bill, the authors pointed out that the current law "creates the preconditions for the uncontrolled implementation of a wide range of propaganda activities by anti-Russian forces in the school and student environment under the disguise of educational activities."

“It is not allowed to use educational activities to incite social, racial, national or religious hatred, for agitation promoting the exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of citizens on the basis of social, racial, national, religious or linguistic affiliation, their attitude to religion, including by means of a message inaccurate information about the historical, national, religious and cultural traditions of peoples, as well as to induce actions that contradict the Constitution of the Russian Federation."

The law comes into force on June 1, 2021.
The creativity of popular Internet figures can also be attributed to educational activities, and non-compliance with the requirements of the new law, in some cases, may entail certain unfavorable legal consequences for a blogger.

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